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Class 6: Voki, Poll, Netlingo Flashcards, Resources

Great resources for building vocabulary.

Here is a link to my flashcards. Click to see Netlingo Flashcards  The flashcards were made in Microsoft Word.

Here is a link to my poll.  What is your favorite fairy tale?

Click  to see my Voki.

This site lets you create personalized speaking avatars and use them on your blog, profile, and in email messages. Fun!

Kelly’s directions for making flash cards.    Creating Flash Cards. Click for directions





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Class 5: Glyphs – Art

This picture was made in
Click here to see my Glyph              Kelly’s example of glyph:  A glyph is a non-standard way to graph a variety of information to tell a story. It uses symbols to represent data. Glyphs show several pieces of data at once and require a legend for understanding. Using Glyph’s in classroom by Kelly: CLICK FOR GLYPH DIRECTIONS & EXAMPLES

My avatar created at

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Class 4: Sticky Notes, WordPress

Here is a link that I worked on with Kelly, and Shelly. We worked on it together but on our own computer.

This is a great website for short presentations that keep students engaged. Students can work together but on own computer.

STICKY NOTES   This is a free sticky & canvas service that requires nothing but a web browser where pictures and video can be added.  Ideas for use: Have students use the site for brainstorming, well wishes, storyboards, and writing activities.  Kelly K’s examples on how to use Lino:  Click for more info on how to use Lino

Here is the link to WordPress site.   WordPress site

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Class 3: Timelines  Here is a timeline that I created with Shelly.

I found this site very interesting. I can really see how much fun it would be to use in the classroom. However, I can even see using this with second graders with a lot of modeling.  It would be very interesting to have them make a timeline of their life in the beginning of the year.        Kelly K’s notes and examples of how to use artpad: If you can draw a problem, you can articulate it better and you know what you are looking for when you formulate your solution.

Elementary students would enjoy artpad.

Sketch a Happy Memory

Get your students moving & thinking instead of just listening to the teacher talk.

Students are looking for something different. They want to interact.

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Class 2: Google Forms

Kelly’s notes on how to use Google forms:   Click to see uses for Google forms in the classroom

Google forms would be good to use for beginning of the year surveys.



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Class 1 : Collaborize Classroom

Kelly’s Do’s & Don’ts of online communication and 32 TIPS FOR THE TECHPHOBIC TEACHER.


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