Class 9: Podcasts  Free converter from video to mp3

Click to hear the Podcast created by Shelly, Kelly, and Sheila. This Podcast was uploaded to Skydrive on Windows Live. You can save on Skydrive without having to save to your computer.

Resources from w520: Pro: You can share ppts & embed them on your websites. Con: costs money to turn the ppt into a video that users could download.

I tried this site and found it easy to take a screen shot and teach. (One click online screen recorder)pro: simple, can upload to Youtube or Screencast, & you can download. (Edit videos online, add music and pictures)Pro: It is free & very simple Con: Video is limited to 1 min & you can not download it. (It is simple, It allows you to embed, link, upload to youtube, tweet it, or facebook it. )   This site is easy to record and save.

HTTP://PODBEAN.COM (pro: free hosting  Con: only publishes files under 30mb. Only allows you to have up to 100mb for free. Does not allow online recording. ) (Record a sketch online with or without audio. Good for math problems)(pro: It is free, simple, you can email it or embed it on your website. Con: It might be difficult to draw, you can not include any pictures.) – Pro: It is free, & very s imple. Con: It requires a download, it has limited editing features, you must pay to have your videos hosted on (only $14 a year)

Camtasia Studio – Pro: Easy to share on youtube or screencast. It has advanced editing features like zoom, text bubbles, audio, and more.  Con: It cost around $168 for the software.(one time fee)    (Jing): Free, one click easy, can’t edit video

Windows Live…Go to skydrive to sign-up. ( (l…..33)

Here is a link from Kelly K. on how to create a Vodcast using Audacity.     Click here for a Vodcast created on how to use Audacity. 


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