Class 10: Vodcast

This is a video I found on YouTube about teaching students to read and linked it to my WordPress.

Ways to share files: Windows Live & Skydrive & Google Docs

This link is from Kelly and helps when planning a Podcast.

Podcast Planning Sheet

Examples of student Podcasts

Educational Blogs & Podcasts to view

Podcasting Resources

Below are steps from Kelly K. that assist in making podcasts and guides students when writing the script. (These steps helped a lot when putting my vodcast together. I used Smart Notebook, Windows Movie Maker (Be sure to save it to be able to view on other computers.), and added music from purple site.

Planning, Produce, Edit, Publish
Format: Welcome, Music, Preview, Features, Conclusion
Plan: Listen to podcasts, determine a goal, determine format & length, write an outline, collect info, organize audio.
-Production: Practice first, record short audio clips, record in a quiet place
Post Production: Edit audio, Add titles or pictures,
Publish: link as an mp3 on your website,

Use this file to help students write a script.

Use a Grading Criteria Sheet to evaluate your students

How can podcasts be used in the classroom?


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